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Coffee Shop Freak Out! (BEST PRANK EVER)

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Coffee shops are a popular environment for a wide range of different reasons that go above and beyond the warm cup of Joe that you get to enjoy whenever you’d like. Many people use coffee shops as a great opportunity to get out of the home or office for a few hours and check their e-mail, get some work done or just enjoy the pleasant company of other members of their community. The unique experience of a coffee shop is something that you just aren’t likely to find anywhere else.

However, sometimes that experience can take a shape that you just weren’t expecting – as one group of patrons recently found out!

Our story begins at the picturesque ‘Snice Coffee Shop in the heart of the West Village in New York City, New York. A hardworking group of dedicated pranksters pulled out all the stops to make sure that customers got one surprise that they were unlikely to forget anytime soon. After working for hours to not only put up a fake wall but also to hire stunt men, install cables and set up remote controlled tables and chairs, the stage was officially set and what is perhaps the best and most involved prank ever began to take shape.

On a day that was like so many others that had come before it, patrons at ‘Snice witnessed a bit of a domestic disturbance unfold. It’s a situation that everyone who has ever spent time in a coffee shop is no doubt familiar with – one patron accidentally spills coffee on the belongings of another. It has happened before and it will happen again.

The woman who just had her valuable items is understandably upset, while the man who did the spilling attempts to calm her down. Once again – this has all happened before and it will all happen again.

Where this prank excels and what makes it something that everyone else in the coffee shop will never forget, however, is what happens next. The woman is so irate that she extends her hand towards the man and he SLAMS against the coffee shop wall – all without ever touching him! She lifts her hands and shouts “Get away from me!” and he climbs higher and higher along the wall, as if he’s being held by some unseen force!

It’s a telekinetic coffee shop surprise that these patrons (and the countless people who have already viewed the video) will be talking about for ages! What’s truly amazing about this video is that every unsuspecting customer in the shop seems to react in their own unique and terrified way! You absolutely will not BELIEVE what these customers do when they think that they’re in the middle of a telekinetic battle that would look right at home in the latest big budget Hollywood action film!

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