3 Ways to be a Greener (Not Green!) Coffee Drinker

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We thought it would be safer to explain — we are not talking about gulping reverses cups of unroasted beans (although doubtful’research’ have promised that they encourage weight reduction, we think it’s a tastier experience to enjoy them correctly roasted!).

No — we want you to maximize that feel-good sensation you get from drinking our coffee. Yeah, you are helping to make coffee a force for good and improving the livelihoods of individuals within an often corrupt industry… but how do you take care of the planet, while you enjoy a brew?

1. Get a Keep cup

Forget about these biodegradable one-use coffee cups. Cornstarch cups make their problems, from reliance on pesticides to soil erosion… and all to feel a bit better about throwing lots of the things away. The canvas contributor to your plastic bag, getting a reusable cup means you are generating less waste and (should you get one of those poor boys) looking pretty sharp too. But unlike canvas totes, you are not as likely to shove tons of them in the base of the kitchen drawer and forget to bring them with you…

2. Recycle your reasons (and your filter newspapers!)

If you are green-fingered and green-inclined, your coffee grounds will be the perfect plant life buddy. Chuck them (along with your used filters!) Into your compost, or utilize these as a fertilizer for anything you grow that belongs insane for acidity. Not got far as a window box? No worries! You can use your reasons for anything from pops up smells in the refrigerator, to exfoliate your skin. Think outside the box!

3. Get crafty with your pods that are used

While our pods aren’t entirely recyclable at the moment (though watch that space, that is changing shortly!), they are perfect for Christmas crafts! In festive shiny red and green shades, you have to wash out them and then string them up to create tree decorations that state”I’m carbonated, Christmas-ready and I take care of the environment”. It is Most Likely the only way you can enjoy coffee with the children, guilt-free.

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