11 Facts About Coffee You Probably Don’t Know

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Do you drink coffee? Me too, cool. I drink it marginally obsessively…. Not only because I need/want the caffeine , instead, I could wed the flavor! (Not shameful, however. I have to add some kind of lotion…) Listed below are a couple of fast facts about coffee which you will not have understood. Do not wish to understand?

1. 54 percent of Americans over age 18 drink coffee every day.

Wah-Bam! 54 percent?? That is more than a 150 million Americans! Inadequate java trees from Costa Rica…

2. There are more than 24,000 coffee stores in the U.S. today.

These coffee stores are called to create 200-300 cups of java each day!

3. The normal price of an espresso-based beverage is 3.45.

If you purchased one of those beverages Daily for a year, then you could have spent about $1,260 on java… #ouch

4. The typical American spends roughly $188 on java each year.

Think about everything you might have purchased with this money…

5. Women and men consume the identical quantity of coffee daily.

A mean of 3.2 daily for the typical American!

6. Girls are more worried about the purchase cost of coffee than guys are.

No comment…

7. 65 percent of coffee drinkers include cream/sugar.

I am one of the 65%. Loud and Proud!

8. Ladies state coffee is a great way to unwind, but guys say it can help to find the business finished.

I just enjoy coffee for your own flavor. I probably should quit drinking it afterward…

9. 65 percent of coffee is absorbed through the breakfast hour.

Any time of day, every meal, some setting – that I shall drink coffee should you give it.

10. Independent coffee shops promote 31% of beverages which are espresso-based.

Everything is brewed java. What is life ?!

11. The U.S. imports $4 billion bucks of java each year.

Coffee. Coffee. Coffee!

I’ll continue to consume coffee. I really don’t wish to be familiar with adverse impacts on my entire body, and that’s completely fine. I am currently 5′ and also 1/2 inch – it is not like I’m likely to be climbing any more without or with the coffee-drinking! I only feel awful for my pocket… I know I have spent lots on java because the autumn… #sorrynotsorry

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